Aromatherapy is a form of therapy that uses the power of scent from plant molecules to improve holistic health.

Holistic health looks at the body as a whole, understanding that the mind and the body work together to achieve an optimum state. All systems need to be in balance to achieve this.. In aromatherapy, we call the process homeostasis and there are many plants that can help achieve it.


So how does it work?

When you breath in a fragrance of an aromatic plant the olfactory system inside your nasal passage sends signals to the brain and nervous system. Each plant has a unique, pattern of signals, causing a response and change within the body. Aromatherapy oils are the essence of a plant, concentrated molecules extracted for their healing power. 


There are hundreds of aroma rich plants that have a unique function, for example studies have show that Rosemary promotes concentration and stimulates brain function. For people who have trouble focussing or are often tired it is a fantastic oil to use. However it is not the only solution, and one person's experience is different to another. The key to healing with aromatherapy is finding the root cause of a problem and creating a blend that supports all aspects.

For example someone who experiences lack of focus due to anxiety would be recommended a different blend - e.g Rosemary and Lemon Balm - to someone who experiences it from depression - e.g Rosemary and Orange.

The process of pairing person to plant can go even deeper, there are many types of anxiety/depression, so many unique human experiences and many unique plant essences, seeing both plants and people as complex beings with an energy frequency. It is matching these frequencies and finding the plant allies that help that individual person. 


You would be surprised at how many areas of our life can be healed with aromatherapy. Studies have shown that plant essences when inhaled can affect our mood, our bodily systems and even our sense of self worth. Aromatherapy is a holistic practice and it is best combined with a holistic approach. Aromatherapy treatments, exercises and lifestyle changes all come together to improve life quality.


I work with what I call aromatherapy magic. This is using the power of plants, seasonal and lunar cycles with exercises to enhance the desired outcome. When we align with nature and use its powers great inner healing can begin.


So why do we suggest you visit an aromatherapist personally instead of looking up treatments at home?

Aromatherapy is both a complex science and an art form. We as aromatherapists spend years studying the depth and knowledge inside plants to unlock the key to their intricate healing power. Diagnosis is a blend of intuition, partnership with the patient and years of study put together. If you google oils for anxiety you will find many options and yet they are all so unique, it can be a little overwhelming. 


I will however leave you with one tip if you are looking to self diagnose. Smell. Smell is a powerful tool to self diagnosis and tapping into the effect it produces within our bodily system is a practice.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself to help you along your journey: 

What fragrance are you drawn towards? 

How do you feel when you breath the oil in?

What body part do you feel the oil interact with the most? 

Is any memory or emotion coming up for you?

Do you see any colours or images?


Participation is the most important part of aromatherapy and you really are the creator of your experience. This exercises is a beautiful way increase your sense of awareness and help you to become more tapped into your body and what it needs. 


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