Wonderful to meet you!

I’m Phoebe the founder of Earth Remedies, a ritual Skincare Apothecary and space-holding platform for workshops and retreats. This is also an online platform to share knowledge on nature connection and MagicK. Like myself, Earth Remedies is many things as it is an extension of my magical creativity.

Plant alchemy is my creative and spiritual outlet. Weaving plant magic and aromatherapy into skin ritual products. Plant aroma opens us up to the liminal space, allowing us to connect to unseen energies and ignite transformation.

This company began as the simple process of crafting remedies from nature and has transformed into a whole lifestyle and practice.

It’s beautiful to see how far the seed has sprouted, growing strong for 5 years and now operating from a beautiful studio in Somerset, on a piece of bio-diverse land.

Committed to growing sustainably and sourcing our ingredients from small organic local farmers.

My story

Our story is my story, my personal healing journey, re-connection to the earth, and the word we re-claim as Witch…

As a child I was a highly sensitive dreamer, who spent my time in the garden enchanted with the magic that is our natural world. Climbing trees, smelling flowers and talking to the fairies.

Like many of you the magic of childhood became pushed down by the process into adulthood. I found it hard to operate in the structural system we humans have created that for most has become our main reality. The essence of who I was, was being stifled. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 17. At the age of 17 I had to find a reason to live and a pathway to healing. 

Along with de-constructing old thought patterns and emotions. I became re-engrossed into the magic and energy forces within this world.

There are so many realities outside our own, a whole animal kingdom and plant universe, all working together, humming with life and forms of communication. One that we can only reach if we get out of our thinking mind and into our heightened sense of awareness. 

Standing on a hilltop in my early 20’s with the full moon above me I realised that I was a Witch.

While working for a natural beauty company I began to delve into the many learnings and teachings of great wisdom keepers and healers. Devouring books and talks on esoteric and alternative schools of thought. While reconnecting to the cyclical spins of nature, and therefore myself; and most importantly embracing the archetypal power of the Witch.

I have always been a teacher. The more I walk this path the more the magic inside and around me unfolds, and I find myself becoming a conduit for the lessons and wisdom around us.

I am currently a qualified Aromatherapist, Ayurvedic beauty therapist, yoga instructor and massage therapist and have been in the natural beauty industry for 10+ years.

However, just as importantly I am a happily un-'qualified' and forever growing witch, plant intuit and ceremony host. I love learning and exploring the many esoteric schools of thought so I am sure that this list will grow and shift often as I walk this learnered path of magic.

“Earth Remedies shines a light on the magic within this world, through plant connection and self-healing practices.

Connecting people to the spiral dance we do with the animism of all things, by demonstrating the healing power of plants, the alchemy of aroma and the transformative power of ritual through our products. 

Beyond that, this is an education platform accessible to all that shares the teachings and practices of both ancient traditions and modern healers. "

My personal favourites...