Do we share an audience?

Are you a yoga teacher, therapist, space holder or facilitator? Do you have a wellness business with clients would love our products?

We are looking for aligned customers with an audience online or in person who love our products and want to promote them in exchange for a passive income!

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How it works

  • Sign up to our online Affiliate platform, a tracking platform that give you your unique Affiliate discount code and buyer link.

  • Promote and Recommend our products to your followers/clients /students and recieve 10% of what they purchase through your link or with your discount code.

  • We encourage your buyer to use your unique link by giving then a 10% discount in our store. You then recive 10% of their total purchase.

  • You then continue to get paid every time they re-purchase for a whole year!

    Our intelligent affiliate system remembers your customer and gives you 5% of their future orders for the subsiquent year

You will also receive your own personal discount to use in store.

Extra Benefits!

Exclusive Retreat & Event Goodie Bags

We also offer our affiliates the option to purchase mini versions of a whole range of our products at a discount rate!

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