Event inspiration

Foraging, folklore and skincare

We specialise in foraging for skincare and folk medicine. Learning what wild herbs can be used to heal the skin and wild ancestral remedies.

All our foraging workshops are created by Phoebe close to the event time on the land. So that she can see what is blossoming in the wild and weave your foraging and medicinal journey from the song of land.


Aromatherapy Magic

Specialising in Aromatherapy Spellcraft, Phoebe has a wealth of knowledge around Aroma and Ritual. Her workshops include...

  • Love Potion and Aphrodisiacs

  • Aromatherapy Manifestation

  • Release and Reset

    All her workshops weave new scientific research with ancient esoteric wisdoms and folk magicK.


Creating bespoke collaborative rituals for the space and time of your event with your intention intertwined...

- Connecting to natural rhythms with the lunar cycles and neo-pagan wheel of the year

- Guided Meditation

- Bespoke incense and ritual fragrance

- Ceremony


Skincare pamper party

One of our most fun and lighthearted workshops! Perfect for birthdays, hen parties or adding a fun pamper element to your retreat.

We bring our whole range of skincare products for you and your guests to indulge in.

Together we go through a 5 step skincare group pampering learning...

  • Facial Massage techniques
  • How to cater to your unique skin
  • Intuitive skincare

This is wonderful on its own or paired with another workshop for a longer event. We can also offer herbal cocktails and snacks!