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Moon Oil

Moon Oil

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Frankincense . Yarrow . Mugwort . Sandalwood

Moon Oil is a Ritual Fragrance Oil and bottle of aromatherapy magic crafted to aid the state of Meditation and Divination, by creating a state of calm and connection to universal consciousness. It can be used in ritual, yoga or simply worn through the day to bring a bit of magic into your life.

Inspired by The Moon tarot card, and the process of journeying within, this blend of plant essences guides you into the unconscious mind. Allowing you to see the unseen and connect to the collective power of intuitive knowing.

The base of this blend is a Mugwort macerated oil energetically charged under the light of the full moon and infused for a Lunar cycle. Mugwort has a long magical history across Asia, Europe, and North America said to aid visions, prophecies and lucid dreaming.

Moon Oil comes with a handmade seeded plant and ritual info booklet

~Handcrafted in Somerset, UK ~ Vegan ~ 100% natural ~

Locally-Foraged ~ Lunar Charged 

Directions: Apply a small amount to pulse points, the centre of your palms, and 3rd eye. Inhale slowly and deeply before meditation, divination or stepping out into the world.

Ingredients: Artemisia Vulgaris + Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Boswellia carteri, Santalum album, Juniperus virginiana, Achillea millefolium, Salvia Sclarea


Yarrow - harvested locally - is historically associated with feminine healing and the liminal space. She brings herbaceous height to the blend, clearing thoughts and granting you the power of a seer

Clary Sage referred to by the Romans as a 'sacred herb' brings warmth, relaxation and draws your attention inward. Slowing you down and deepening the journey of meditation

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in India to strengthen our connection to God. It opens up your 3rd eye, granting you spiritual wisdom and connecting you to messages from beyond.

Sandalwood is famous for its use in full moon ceremonies in India, often blended with Frankincense to aid the ritual work. Its sweet and smoky essence is ideal for deep work and a meditative state, it is associated with the divine feminine and the moon.

Cedarwood keeps your body grounded and rooted to this earth while your consciousness expands. It adds balance to this blend and detachment from intense emotions, bringing you a greater understanding.

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