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Keeper Of The Trees

Keeper Of The Trees

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Palo Santo. Sandalwood . Cedar . Rosewood

Keeper of the Trees is a ritual fragrance with sustainably sourced tree bark to bring grounding, tree connection and deep release. This natural perfume is a nurturing and heart-comforting meditation aid, to help calm heightened emotions and be held by the trees.

Blended with ancient and sacred tree barks, alchemically distilled to encapsulate their aroma. Together this grove of trees holds and supports you, allowing you to release hurt in your heart and bring you into a state of inner peace.

All sacred woods are consciously and sustainably sourced from small organic suppliers.

Keeper of the Trees comes with a seeded ritual booklet to deepen our heart’s connection to the trees and aid emotional release. This oil can be used in ritual, yoga or worn to bring you a grounded strength through your day.

Trees have the ability to hold you, take your hurt and transform it into that which revitalises you - oxygen. When you are burdened with worry, release your troubles to the trees with every exhale, every inhale is their reply.

We have a reciprocal relationship with these great wisdom keepers and I believe that our deepest healing as a species will come from our re-connection to our trees. And that it is in fact vital for the survival of this world, To heal we must deepen our heart’s connection to them.

What if we were meant to be the keepers of the trees?

Apply a small amount to pulse points, the centre of your palms and your heart.
Inhale slowly and release deeply when in need of grounding, connection or experiencing high emotional stress

Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed oil . Bursera Graveolenso Wood Oil (Palo Santo) . Santalum Album Wood Oil (Sandlewood). Juniperus virginiana wood oil (Cedarwood) . Aniba Rosaeodora Wood (Rosewood) Oil . Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Oil (Vertiver)


Did we say that it’s sustainable? ... It is vital that they are sourced ethically and responsibly so that the magic they offer can truly do its work on our hearts. This vial contains tree essences (the spirits of the trees) harvested with deep care and respect.

Locally sourced, sustainable Palo Santo from Ecuador is at the heart of this blend bringing deep inner peace and supporting deep emotional healing.

Australian Sandalwood drops us into a deep state of meditation.

Indian Rosewood brings us into our sacred sensual being and lifts our spirits.

Virginian Cedar wood is the grounding base that holds us and this blend all together. Connecting us to our roots.

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