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Deep Healing Balm

Deep Healing Balm

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Comfrey . Arnica . Wintergreen 

This Deep Healing Balm is a TRIPLE THREAT traditional remedy - Containing ingredients that provide deep relief 

Packed with powerful herbs that have been used to relieve a variety of aches and ailments for thousands of years. Amazing for self-massage on tired muscles and joints, partner massage or for professional therapists.

This Powerful Herbal Balm is made with locally plant medicine, hand-picked with knowledge and care.

We craft our own powerful Comfrey and Arnica oil infusions. Both are known for their incredible properties and have been used in traditional folk medicine. 
Wintergreen oil is well renowned in Chinese medicine said to be  a natural deep heat

We cannot make any claims so google them! 

~ Handcrafted in Somerset ~ 

Directions: Massage into the affected area two to three times daily.

Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus seed oil, Helianthus annulus seed oil, Symphytum officinale extract, Arnica Montana extract and Sativa wax.

"I love using this balm on my feet and ankles when they feel tired and need some deep repair. I use it often for my neck and shoulders. Massaging it in before bed or before stretching. Recently my knees have been a bit dodgy so I’ve been treating them daily with this Balm. "


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