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Flower Powder

Flower Powder

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Calamine . Calendula . Lavender . Rose

Flower Powder is our 100% natural and eco-friendly dusting powder that can be used as a dry shampoo or as a body dusting powder. It's packed with soothing flowers and calamine powder to absorb excess oil and calms the skin

Perfect for oily hair, chafing and general sweaty bits!

Lavender + Calendula + Rose ~ flower powders - these soothing flower petals are perfect to help dry and calm sweaty areas that often experience irritation.  

 Calamine Powder ~ a cool soothing pink clay

Corn Flower ~ a super soft and silky alternative to talc, super absorbent and gentle. 


Directions:To use as a dry shampoo dust into your hand and massage bit by bit into the hair. To use as a body dusting powder, softy rub into irritated or sweaty skin

Ingredients: (Calamine) Iron oxiden- zink oxide powder, Maize Powder Lavandula angustifolia powder, Calendula officinalis powder, Rosa damascena powder

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